How to Wear Clip in Hair Extensions with Short Hair

Every one desires to look stylish and fashionable. Are you fed up with the monotonous hair style on every occasion? Do you really want to look different rather gorgeous? So here is good news now a day hair extensions are quite in. The good thing is now you don’t need to think for a long time what to do with your hair style. Mostly women like to wear trendy hair extension. But usually people don’t want to spend or waste their money as well as time to professionally sew in or glued the extension, so that’s why women usually prefer to use short term clip in extensions. The use of the hair extension depends upon certain factors like it mainly depends on your hair style.

How to Wear Clip in Hair Extensions with Short Hair

How to Wear Clip in Hair Extensions with Short Hair

It also depends on your color complexion or color of your hair. For example if you like to be fashionable and up to date so there is good news for you that you can change you look amazingly simply by using hair extensions. Such hair extensions are available in various styles and you can choose them according to trend and your taste. The hair extensions that you can have are as follows; curly extensions, straight extensions, extensions with wavy edges and many more. Isn’t it exciting to play with your styles and get the amazing and gorgeous beauty? The temporary clip-in extensions are good alternative as well as these extensions are not expensive. Now the main thing is that how these extensions can look trendy, natural and can easily stay in your hair. But firstly you should know that rather your hair extension is right or complementing your personality. You can clip-in different styles to your extension if you have longer or shoulder length hair while at home. But a shorter length hair with blunt cut is quite difficult to clip-in with extension.

You can style your hair extension through many ways. One of the simple and easy ways is that you can wear your extension in a high ponytail. Braids are also in fashion now days so you can make a stylish fishtail braid.  Messy look is quite in so you can give that look to your clip-in hair extension by making bun either up do or low messy bun. Layers are actually bounce or blessing in short hairs. Now if your actual hairs are shorter then you should choose your extension of at least 16 inches and try to begin your layers at your chin.

Unluckily there are very few options for those who have curly or wavy short hairs in terms of extension. Now under this condition the best way is that you should first straighten your natural hair so that they can complement your extension. Otherwise it is quite difficult to have same curl in your extension as your hairs. So now you will be the beauty queen in any occasion by having fabulous hairstyles with your hair extensions. It just needs your interest and little creativity but the result will do wonder with the little work on your hair style.

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