Ways to Deal with Oily Skin

We hate excess shine on our faces just as much as you do, so we hit up makeup artist extraordinaire, Davisha Dadone, for her life-saving tricks and favorite products to keep sweat-free and matte all day.
1. Know your skin type. If you think your skin is oily and it’s not and you’re using every ‘drying/anti-shine/matte’ product you can get your hands on, your skin will respond by producing more oil-what a mess! Conversely, if you think your skin is dry and you load up on moisturizer, it’ll cause all kinds of breakouts on normal or oily skin. To determine your skin type, note how long you can go before you need a touch-up after applying powder. If it’s more than a few hours, you’re normal, or even dry. If you need to touch up within the hour, you’re probably oily.

2. Remember to blot. Blot Film by M·A·C is hands-down the best makeup-free way to keep the shine at bay, no matter what your skin type. Just press the paper against shiny areas and voila!

Blot Film by M·A·C

3. Get creative. Ran out of Blot Film in a public place? Don’t sweat it, toilet seat covers make a great substitute. Tear off a small square and press against the shiny areas, don’t wipe.
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4. Be on time! It might seem unrelated, but the less rushed you are, the less likely you’ll be to arrive sweaty and shiny.

NYX Shine Killer

5. Sweat and shine-proof primer is your new best friend. Every body’s chemistry is a little different, so you should find the one that works best for you. Some favorites: Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer, Too Faced Primed & Poreless, NYX Shine Killer, and M·A·C Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone.

6. Cut down on coverage. Touching up throughout the day? Use a pressed powder that absorbs more than it covers. Too much coverage will look cakey and make your skin rebel. Again. Try Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder. Buy a few extra puffs and change them often-they absorb oil and sweat, and bacteria will breed like mad on them AND your powder.”

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