healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve people’s health and well-being.Many governments and non-governmental organizations have made big efforts in healthy lifestyle and health promotion. Components of a healthy lifestyle Healthy lifestyle is, mostly, associated with: * Family traditions * Health education * Likable occupation * Safe environment

5 Natural Home Remedies Against Bad Breath

5 Natural Home Remedies Against Bad Breath

There are some conditions which can prove to be very embarrassing in social situations. Some of these conditions can be bad breath. It is very embarrassing to just walk around and interact with people ... Continue Reading →
diabetic diet meal plan for vegetarians

Vegetarian Meal Plan & Diet For Diabetes Patients

Diabetic Diet Meal Plan for Vegetarians is a healthy option, but it is advised that it should be well planned. This diet is also helpful in controlling the blood sugar and insulin. According to medical ... Continue Reading →
how to stay healthy in ramadan

7 Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy while Fasting for Ramadan

These fasts of the month of Ramadan are very rigorous. These fasts are very long in summers. They are about sixteen hours long. Some people find it hard to maintain their health during this month, but ... Continue Reading →
Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea on your Health

Nothing beats a hot, bubbling cup of refreshing tea after a long day at school or work and the instant revitalization that it brings to you. In essence, the humdrum of daily life and the stress it causes ... Continue Reading →
massage heals the tissues of the body

Healing Benefits of Massage on the Tissues of the Body

Massage is a kind of treatment which provides relaxation, relief, calm and freshness. Those who have tough and hard working job should take massage treatment once in a month. It will not only make you ... Continue Reading →
Use organic food to detox

Simple Ways to Detox your Body at Home

Detoxification is a process to reduce or eliminate all negative effects from the body such as negative effects of chemicals, pollution, smoke and obesity etc. Some simple ways of detoxification of body ... Continue Reading →
Recommended diet for high blood pressure patients

Ideal Diet for High Blood Pressure Patients

Blood pressure is very common disease in the people of all age groups. It is said that high blood pressure is because of tension. It is fact that most of the diseases now due to tensions. Here are some ... Continue Reading →

Diet Plans for Women to Lose Weight Fast for Free

Everyone wants to lose weight: Everyone knows this key eat less and exercise more. It can be very simple to lead a simple and healthy life if we act upon this key. Here are some tips to reduce your weight. Tip ... Continue Reading →