face care tips

Always clean your face using a mild face wash, remember to remove makeup when you are at home or before bedtime. Wash face and lips. Pat your face lightly with a dry clean towel while rub your lips on a soft towel so that dead cells get removed from the lips.Apply a little cold cream on your face and a few drops of almond oil on your lips and leave overnight. [caption id="attachment_2625" align="aligncenter" width="444"]face care tips Face Care Tips[/caption]

how to get rid of scars on face naturally

How to Get Rid of Scars on Face Naturally 10 Effective Ways

How to get rid of scars on face naturally can help you in minimizing the appearance of scars on your face without going for aggressive and costly treatments. Scars are the result of those spots that become ... Continue Reading →
5 Best Face Care Tips for Teenagers

5 Best Face Care Tips for Teenagers

It is very important for teenage girls to look after their skin. It is a little hard at their age but they must do it otherwise as they reach their twenties they will have many skin and face related problems ... Continue Reading →
Best Skin Care Tips in Ramadan 2013

Best Skin Care Tips in Ramadan 2013

It is very important for one to look after their skin during the month of Ramadan. This is a month in which your entire diet cycle changes. Also during this month your body and skin go through very different ... Continue Reading →
Smart Tips to Make Your Make-up Last Longer

Tips on How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Applying makeup is not as harder as to keep it fresh the whole day. Working ladies whether they stay at office or work outdoor don’t have time to go washroom to settle their makeup again and again, they ... Continue Reading →
Best Sunscreen For Men's Face

Best Daily Sunscreen For Men’s Face

Daily use of sunscreen is very important. Have you ever heard that premature aging is one of the reasons which is caused due to very less use of sunscreen? Well that is correct. If you do not wear sunscreen ... Continue Reading →