Skin Care Myths and Facts every Woman Needs to Know

Listed below are some of the facts and myths which are believed to be true ar time about skin.

1. Mostly teens want marks free skin and complete fairness by getting inspired from skin and hair products which are advertised on the TV commercials by film stars. The right thing to do here is to never use the OTC fancy products always use those products for your skin which are dermatologically tested as these other products are said to cause pigmentation.

2. Young girls who just get out of their teens and have a flaw skin and beautiful hair must always take care of them and must ensure that they get proper sleep, and eat adequate food so that they can keep their good skin and hair forever. A young women must always eat healthy, stay clean and regularly use a sunscreen.

Skin Care Myths and Facts every Woman Needs to Know

Skin Care Myths and Facts every Woman Needs to Know

3. You must know that what you put in your mouth is more important than what you put on your skin. If you have a healthy diet which is rich in vitamins, anti oxidants and has a numerous supply of colorful fruits and vegetables then it will show in your skin and you will start looking fresh and young automatically.

4. Bad hair days always some for everyone. It maybe because of bad weather conditions. Some people make use of hair products to reduce bad hair but usage of such products will only give you worse hair than before.

5. Stress activates the cortisol system of your body. It will enable your skin to activate oil secretion which would cause more and more pimples coming on your skin. So this acne level increases due to increase in stress levels.

6. If you see the appearance of any sort of skin problem then you must start off with the treatment right away as if these skin problems are treated right on the spot only then can they be reduced otherwise these skin problems will leave their marks on the skin.

7. the process of aging varies from person to person but in most women this process takes place from the age of 29 years to the age of 30 years. And your skin goes through a lot of changes in this time period.

8. The beauty products which you use most of the time are not harmful. These are beneficial to your skin if you use them under the prescription of some well known dermatologist. They can prove harmful if they are self prescribed.

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