Natural Tips to get Glowing Skin in Summer

Summer is on its peak and it’s time to take out time of your busy schedules and stick to a strict skin regime. As your facial skin is one of the most sensitive part of your entire body so extra care is needed to protect it.

In summer we embrace ourselves with intense heat, sweating and a pile of skin problems. It is generally because the UV rays are disastrous to our skin and make the things worst for us if we don’t maintain a proper regime for our skin.

But, now you can achieve a smooth, glowing and radiant skin even in the scorching sun if you follow tips given below.

Natural Tips to get Glowing Skin In Summer

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Getting a glowing skin is all about hydration because it is not only about keeping your body hydrated but also because you are removing toxins from your system. Water consumption is increased in summer season because of increased evaporation and sweating from out body. So, use water to detoxify your body and get a smooth and supple skin, just the way you want it.


Add regular cleanser to your skin regime as it keep your skin free from dead cells and provide moisture the it needs. it is preferable to use the products with Aloe Vera and cucumber if you are using market brands. You can also make homemade cleanser adding yogurt and honey for extra benefits as yogurt got natural whitening properties and is also strongly recommended by dermatologists if you want a healthy white skin.


Exfoliate once every week. Our body sheds of skin cells at the rate you cannot imagine and if you don’t get rid of them they just keep on sitting on your skin ultimately giving damage to the layer underneath. It is one of the reason your skin appear to be dull apart from increased melanin levels in your system. You can save your money and simply use gram flour for this purpose.


Don’t forget to tone your skin after cleansing as it maintains your skin’s pH levels and gives you a healthy glowing skin in summer. You can make a toner for yourself at home my mixing some rosewater and glycerin. Apply it overnight and honestly it would do wonders for you.

Use Minimal Makeup

In summer just try to apply minimal makeup because the heat let open your pores and applying too much of makeup damages your skin. The chemicals in the makeup can react with UV rays and can lead to serious ailments. So, it’s better to control your pigmentation and keep your skin clean by following the steps mentioned above apart from covering the pigmentation with makeup.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Keep a sunscreen of minimal SPF 60 in your handbag and apply it every 3 hours. You can also go for SPF30 but it is not enough to stop the UV rays in Asia. You can go for Neutrogena sunscreens as these products are safe and dermatologically tested.

So take care of your skin as nothing makes you feel confident as glowing and healthy looking skin.

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