Makeup Tips To Slim Your Face

If you are a sugar love then no one can help you get slim face naturally cause when we eat too much sweet it goes straight to your face and make you look fatter and bigger and at the same time it make you look older too so if you are one of those who cannot reduce the fat of their face even after our blog about how you can reduce the fat of your face and you cannot try surgery to look slim and small then here are some makeup tricks to make you slim and smart and you just need to be really claver and really smart to use all these tricks cause if you make a single mistake you would end up with some horrible make up mistakes, so are you ready?

Makeup Tips To Slim Your Face

Makeup Tips To Slim Your Face

We are going to try some really simple and very interesting tricks to look good and look smart, once you get into this world you will be the master of looks then you would be able to create your own looks and images, this is just a game of illusions and you just play with eyes of people to look slimmer and smarter, it is just a game of right color and the right brush and all about contorting and right hairstyle.

First of all I would like you to pick one shade darker foundation, I am not saying that you need to look dark or artificial we just need to look a bit dark to get the best illusion, and after applying the best foundation shade just blend it perfectly and see if it seems like you were born with this skin;) now the first thing you need to finish is your eyes, you need to make your eyes look more prominent and more sharp and edgy to look slim.

How to contour your face with makeup

How to contour your face with makeup

First of all apply eye prim and blend it over your eye lid and apply a bit darker shade and if you are not picking any matching shade of your dress then apply any dark shade and if you ask me then I would say apply black shades all over and then blend this shade with very light yellow color and try to blend it toward the end apply the eye liner that start from one corner and then go up word on other corner and then apply any shady mascara and same color of eye liner, and that will make your eyes look bright and edgy and you would look slimmer.

Trick These Cheeks, now pick any shade and the best is pick mineral brown for day occasion and natural pink, peach or brown for evening occasion and apply over cheeks and a bit near your ears too and that is the best time to get the best results.You need to pick a bit darker shade then your blusher to contour your cheeks and sides you can use this to contour around the jaw line too and if you have double chin that you can use this shade for making it look slimmer too and blend it perfectly .

Lips now one of the most fascinating feature that can distract the eyes are your lips, you need to apply some kind of lip liner first and give a sharp and edgy out line to these lips and you should use some darker shade of liner and now pick a light shade of lip gloss and blend it with the lighter and add a pale touch at the center of your lips to get the sharp pouch of lips.

After that you just need to make perfect look with a lose and stunningly done hairstyle 🙂

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