Makeup Tips For Eyeglass Wearers

eye glasses makeup tips The time is getting too fast and too competitive everyone try to look better and prettier than anyone else and if you have perfect look then it is good and easy, but if you have some flows  then you need to cover them with makeup or with some technology and medical help. This is very common now and that is not something that have any harm in it. Girls and boys do that every day and they look absolutely stunning and if you want to look good and you cannot replace your eyeglasses with lances then there are some helping tips for you to look good and beautiful with these set of glasses too. And be honest I personally think that girls look absolutely stunning and fascinating with pair of Bifocals  and if you know how to make these set of glasses work for you with perfect make up then you can make your work place for your beauty place too.
If you think that you can use the same make up tricks to look good which you use to use before your eyeglasses then you are wrong and personally I think that when you start eye power glasses you need to learn whole new set of make ups. These will not only make you look different, but it will affect the way you create things too. So let’s  try to see if we can help you creating a new look with your  makeup or not, so are you ready to get in new style of make up?

First of all let me tell you that if you are using light smaller and light shades frames that will not only make you look sweet and cute but they will also allow  you to use more and many shades and if you think that you cannot pick smaller due to any reason then try to skip the frame pick the glasses that has nude frames or use glasses that do not have any shade and that will not only let everyone see your whole face, but they will make you look lighter and smoother as well. So if you don’t have any medical or personal reason then try some simple and light frame or glass frame are also available now and you can use them.

First and the most important thing, if you are using Bifocals then never use colored lenses that would be a horrible mistake and if you are using Bifocals then try to avoid artificial lashes. Because no matter how intelligent you are your Bifocals will make it so easy for everyone to see that they are fake and I think that is the last thing we want when we are trying to create a sweet and pretty look.

If your spectacles are one of those that make even wider looking eyes look smaller then try not to use dramatic dark outlines, no matter how beautiful they look when you are applying them they will make you look crazy once you will wear your glasses.

If you have lighter eyes color then use brown or gray eyeliner and if you have darker shade then try brown and black eye liners and they will not only make you look charming, but they will make you look bright too.

If you use Bifocals then try pick lighter and easy things like liquid eyeliner and mascara are really good, and they would look really natural and if would use powder form of liners then your Bifocals will show that lines easily.

Try to use lash curlers to make your eyes look great rather than mascara and if you are applying liner then try to use white eye pencil insider the edges of your eyes too to make your look bright and beautiful and if you think that you need some shades too then try light shades over your eyelids, but you need to make one thing absolutely clear that your Bifocals will show your small mistake so clear to everyone that it will disturb your whole look so make sure that you are paying fool attention in blending and your hands are steady while you are plying mascara and liners.

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