Makeup Tips for Evening Party

Mostly we attend the functions or parties at evening time, so while doing evening makeup, there are many things to keep in the mind. We can apply different techniques in evening makeup but there is very less margin in day time makeup, it is tricky enough.

First thing you have to do while going to a party, function or occasion is to select the right dress according to the function. It is the most important issue because if you fail to select the right dress then you will look awkward during function and you must feel embrace and you spoil your evening. After choosing the dress, you have to think about the makeup, to select right makeup colors according to the dress is a great art and everyone is not able to knew this art.So here are some tips for evening makeup which can make your evening beautiful, enjoyable and perfect.

First clean out all previous makeup before applying makeup and wash your oily skin with face wash. Your face should be fresh and glowing for evening makeup, for this do cleansing with a good cleansing milk lotion or do facial at day time. Foundation or face powder should be light for evening makeup. First apply light concealer where needed then apply foundation according to your face color. Now apply blush on cheeks.

Makeup Tips for Evening Party

Makeup Tips for Evening Party

Now come to eyes, before eye makeup first apply your contact lenses if you have and want to wear. To get glamorous look use artificial eye lashes.  Now select eye shade according to your dress. If your dress has light color then apply darker same or contrast color of eye shade and if your dress is in dark color then use light eye shade. If you want natural makeup then mix light pink shade with skin (mustard or light brown) eye shade. After completing eye shade apply black eye liner, now your eye makeup is complete.

Glamorous make up tips for an evening party

Glamorous make up tips for an evening party

It is lip’s turn now; lips are the main part of evening makeup. Lip color makes the whole makeup beautiful or dull so it needs care and experience. If your dress has such color as you can apply lipstick like pink, purple, brown etc then apply same darker color if you are a woman and youngsters should go to same lighter color. If your dress is orange, black etc and you cannot put same lipstick then you can go to the contrast colors of lipsticks like pink, brown and mustard etc.

So these tips must help you to make your evening memorable and beautiful because you must look stunning, gorgeous and wonderful as well as getting admiration if you are following these tips.

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