How to Lose Weight with Water Fast

Surprisingly, it is possible to lose weight with water. Taking lots of water daily can be helpful to lose weight fast. Surprisingly it really works to reduce extra weight.

Water Diet

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep you full. Avoid high-calorie snacks and coffee. If you consume too much water, you are likely to eat less because your stomach will be filled for hours. Take less calories daily to speed up weight loss process.

A Glass before Meal

Lose Weight with Water Fast

Don’t forget to take a glass of water before each meal. This is another smart trick to fill up your stomach and make it eat less food. In many studies of weight loss in adults who were over-weight, it was found that people who drank water before meals eat fewer calories and got improvement in losing weight.

The effect of water on calories was more effective in older adults than in youngsters. When you take water before meals, make sure you monitor food portions and calorie intake.

Some experts of water diet to lose weight fast suggest consuming one glass of water before, in between and after the meal. It helps in digestion and speeds up weight loss.

Lose Weight Fast Drinking Water

Prefer Water over Sweet Drinks

Avoid taking soda drinks and alcoholic beverages too much. Smoothies and other high-calorie drinks are also loaded with sugar. Instead take a glass of water and quench your thirst the healthy way. If you replace high-calorie beverage with zero-calorie water, you can avoid consuming hundred of calories every day. It will help a lot to lose weight drinking water.

Cold Water Is More Beneficial

For those who wish to lose weight with water fast, cold water is the best option to cut down unwanted body fats. It also boosts up metabolism. A study on water-induced thermo genesis, it was found that taking water increases energy consumption in men and women alike. This may be because of body’s effort to warm the water to body temperature. According to a study, men burnt fats to give energy to warm the water and women burnt carbs. The metabolism was elevated right after about 10 minutes of taking cold water and the process reached its peak after 30 to 40 minutes of drinking. You can easily lose weight with water that is cold.

Cut Salt Intake

To make water diet work faster and become more effective, cut down your salt intake. Avoid table salt, frozen foods, canned foods and lunch meat because they have high salt content. Salt causes water retention in the body, making lower tummy area bloat.

You can also take flavored water.

Tips to Lose Weight with Water Fast

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