Latest Dress Designs for Mehndi Function 2013 for Girls

Mehndi and Sangeet is an integral part of weddings ceremonies in Indo Pak culture, we all know that this is the day when we all get together and have lots of fun can celebration.We dance, sing eat laugh and enjoy the best moment of the wedding. it is a very fun day not only for the bride, groom, but for the both families and relatives too. It is also very enjoyable especially for young people they like to get ready and look good and all girls try their level best to look the best face and body of the function and for that they take care of each and everything from head to toe and we all know that if you want to look good you need to pick the best dress and the up-to-date design cause if your dress in not according the current fashion then no matter what you do an no matter how expansive your dress is you will not create a impression  and you will not look good.

Latest Dress Designs for Mehndi Function 2013 for Girls

Latest Dress Designs for Mehndi Function 2013 for Girls

We are here to share some very trendy and up-to-date design for you for the location of Sangeet mehndi, as we all know those long royal looking dresses with long churidar sleeves and sleek fitted arrha pajamas are still in.Personally I love these dress cause I have been always a huge fan of dresses from Mughal area and I love the way they used to carry those huge long dresses, pajamas, lehngas and dupatas. You just need to look for those bright color ones which will make you look like a princess and you need to learn how to carry these royal dresses.

Now if you are looking for the trendy colors for the occasion then as usual yellow, green and orange is going to be the best shades for the occasion but if you want to look unique and prominent then try red and all bright shades of pink.You cannot use red color on main day cause you probably don’t want to give a challenge to bride so you can try these shades on mehndi and you will look absolutely stunning.

If you are tall and slim then you might want to try some long sleek looking fitted shirts with pajamas too and if you are one of those who wear side 12 and upward then try frocks with lots of pleats and frills and if you have slim legs then try pajama with that or otherwise you can try some flappers or shalwar.

Now at the end you would look absolutely stunning with every dress if you know how to carry it and how to accessorize it, so just pick the best dress and accessories it with perfect accessories and rock the function 😉

Dress Designs for Mehndi Function 2013 for Girls


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