How to Remove Makeup Without Losing Eyelashes and Irritating Your Skin

Mostly girls experiment the dark color of eye makeup like black eye liner and eye shadow. We know that going outside for party with perfect makeup is all about fun. But not so much especially when the girls take it all off.

Removing makeup is a messy job. Most of the girls remove their makeup by rubbing their skin. This practice makes started losing lashes and irritating the eyes. So this is time to tell you how to remove makeup without losing lashes and irritating your skin. Eye liner and eye shadow are very difficult to remove. But never too much! You can remove eye liner, mascara and eye shadow effectively and quickly by following our instructions.

Follow these instructions about how to remove makeup safely.

Use Makeup Remover for Eyes

Use Makeup Remover for Eyes

Many products and supplies are available in market specifically for eye removing makeup. These products are specifically designed to remove eye liner, eye shadow and mascara. These good quality makeup remover products are effective to remove eye makeup quickly and safely. If you want to remove your eye makeup without removing lashes then a good remover is definitely worth it. Make sure that you are using good quality products that tend to be less irritating your skin.

Use Cold Cream

Use Cold Cream

Cold cream is usually used at home especially in winter season. Use a good quality brand. Cold cream is effective to remove makeup without irritating the skin and losing lashes. This is best for removing an entire face of makeup. Wash your skin from warm water and then apply cold cream on skin. Leave it on skin for few minutes and let it soak into your skin. This will work as a deep conditioning treatment for you. Massage your skin with your gentle fingers and wipe it off and clean your face with warm water. Your makeup will be removed without rubbing or any irritation.

Use Milky Cleansing Cream

Milky Cleansing Cream

Make sure that you are using good quality and effective cleansing milky cream. Do a general clean sweep and get desired results. Use milky cleansing cream as gentle wipe and remove most of the makeup on your skin. If you have dry skin then you can also use the oil based cleanser or products like olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. Oil products are best for removing eye makeup without losing lashes.

Coconut oil can do great work of breaking down your lashes and delicate skin. Put a cotton ball and dab it in oil and gently sweep it over your eyes and remove makeup.

Almond oil or jojoba oil is best for skin and will not irritate skin. Combine almond or jojoba oil with witch hazel in required quantity in a container. Mix it well and apply it on closed eyes with cotton balls and remove makeup.

Just remember these instructions and tips to remove makeup without losing lashes and irritate your skin. These are very useful tips. Stay with us for more and get useful ideas from us.

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