How to Put Mehndi Designs on Hands and Feet

Applying mehndi designs on hands and feet is not much hard or difficult work, it just needs practice as it is said “practice makes a man perfect”. Putting mehndi designs is in fact very easy and interesting art, you must enjoy while learning and making these patterns. When you apply mehndi on your skin it gives cooling effect as well as red color to the skin. We used to decorate hands and feet with mehndi, it should wash after drying completely for better results.

How to Put Mehndi Designs on Hands and Feet

How to Put Mehndi Designs on Hands and Feet

Here are instructions about how to apply and make different designs with henna on hands and feet.


  1. Henna cone
  2. A copy of mehndi designs
  3. A transparent plastic sheet or glass sheet
  4. Tissue paper
  5. Glitter cone
  6. Sheet of paper


First check a little amount of mehndi on your hand, if it hurts you like itching or burning then don’t use it because mehndi cone contains chemicals which can hurt you if your skin is sensitive and sometimes you buy expired mehndi so make sure to use fresh one.

Don’t apply mehndi just after waxing because the chemicals inside the cone can irritate you so wait for one or two days after waxing then apply the mehndi.

Mehndi gives different color at different places as it gives dark red color on palm and on back side of the hands and on arms it gives lighter color.


Before putting mehndi on hands, you should practice on glass sheet.

Now be ready to start, take out the pin from cone then press lightly the cone and squeeze a little mehndi on tissue paper, waste it as it must be black and hard, press the cone until the light colored and soft henna came out.

Put Mehndi Designs on Hands and Feet

Put Mehndi Designs on Hands and Feet

Place mehndi design paper on table; put the clear glass sheet on it. Now you can see the mehndi pattern inside the glass sheet. Now apply henna on glass sheet while following the design from the paper. Start applying henna patterns from the farthest place and come to the nearest place.

You must do mistakes in beginning, don’t worry, practice will make you perfect. Daily practice can make you perfect in handling and applying mehndi.

Now practice on glass sheet without mehndi patterns paper. Start with straight lines parallel to each other. In this way you can learn how to hold the cone properly. After lines make smaller and clear dots and when you lift the dot downwards it will become a comma, when you join two commas it will make a heart shape. These are basic patterns which use again and again in a mehndi design.

When you learn making these smaller patterns you can easily make complete mehndi design while joining these small patterns.When you feel you don’t need glass sheet then you can start your work on hands while making very easy and simple patterns at the beginning. It will help you to become master in mehndi designs.


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