How To Pick The New Shade Of Your Hair

I4579-red-hair-color-helpt is good to follow the new trends and new styles according to the time to look good and up-to-date, But you need to know which trend is good for you and which one is not. Dying hair is no longer a aging issue, now even small teenagers like to dye their hair in so many different shade and they like to try with different shades.  If you are trying to get some funky look then it is okay you can be as crazy as you like, but if want to look gorgeous and natural then you need to be very careful and you need to be very smart to pick the color cause if it is not according to your skin tone then you would end up with some horrible cosmetic mistake and if you want to look god without any blunder then here are some simple tips for you.

To get perfect and beautiful shade which will suit you and which will not only make you look good, but if you keep retouching it you will look natural too.The first rule you should follow to look absolutely natural is your won shade of hair.  The shade Nature gave you when you born is the color range for your dye, you have to keep this shade, lighter darker or even same but with a bit fresher, but you got to be in the same range, that is the first and the most famous rule of the dying nature looking shade, if you want to look funky then no matter what kind and what color of hair you have, you can try yellow, orange, red , blue or whatever shade you want, but if you are looking for some natural look then stay in your own hair shade, in simple words if you were born with natural red shade then you can try all shades of red and you can try all style of red, bright, dull , cherry red or even fire read too they will compliment too, but if you were born with red and you are trying to get pale brown then this will not going to look good you will look artificial and strange rather than sweet and beautiful.
Now the next biggest rule of picking the shade for your hair is the shade of your eyes, if you have sharp shaded set of eyes then you can try some shades like olive green, light bluish black, gray, reddish brown and copper, but if you were   born with any shade of brown then you can enjoy some shade of red from dark to medium light and you can try all shades of brown even copper too, but make sure that you are not crossing the limit of sharp shades they will not only disturb your look but they will disturb the shade of your eyes too and make then unnoticeable, and I bet if you have shaded brown eyes the this would be the last thing you want.
Now last thing for you to pick your hair shade, if you have small face then try to pick some lighter shade cause if you will pick any darker shade this will make your face look even more smaller and weaker which would be a bad look and if you have a broad or big face then try some dark shades and if you can manger two shades then ask your hair dressers to get even more sharper and darker shade around your face which will not only make your look smaller. But it will create a boundary around your face too.
Be happy and look beautiful and smile a lot  🙂

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  1. Fareeha Idress

    Apr 14. 2013

    Nice tips.
    Thanks for sharing.

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