How to Get Rid of Dark Neck using Home Remedies

The dark skin tone of the neck is a result of the oil which we apply to out hair. This hair gets sticky and attracts all the dirt particles which stick to our neck. They then make the neck look very dark. It has been in tradition for years and years how people try various methods to make their skin tone lighter. They make use of home remedies and herbal treatments to make their skin look lighter and brighter than it really is. It is considered that the use of home remedies for lightening of skin tone is very inexpensive and it is also not very harmful as many other chemical treatments can be.

Most women do not care about their neck region. Whenever they go for a massage or for a facial they ignore their neck. Also while washing their faces they neglect the neck area and never splash water over that area. This constant ignorance makes your skin darker and uglier.

How to Get Rid of Dark Neck using Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Dark Neck using Home Remedies

You can follow the given below remedies if you want to get rid of the darker skin of the neck.

1.Lemon Juice:  You can mix equal quantities of lemon juice with rose water. Apply this mixture to your neck and go to bed like this. Repeat this step for a few more times and you will see the change in just a few days.

2.Cucumber Juice: This juice is great for exfoliation of the skin. It makes the skin smooth and removes the dead skin which has accumulated over the years and gives your skin a refreshing and new look. You must apply cucumber juice to your darkened part of the neck and rub a piece of cucumber onto it and then after ten minutes splash this area with rose water and wash it off.

3.Potato Juice: You can also put potato juice on your neck’s skin. Also try to rub the cut pieces of potato on your skin. And you will see the results in a few days.

4.Orange Peel: Making use of the peel of orange is known to be the best treatment for darkened skin. You must take powdered peel of orange, mix it with a little milk and then apply this to your skin. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

5.Chick Pea: The chick pea’s flour is known to be a great ingredient for removing the dead, darkened skin and making the light, refresher looking skin visible. Take just about a tsp of chick pea flour, put equal amount of turmeric to it and mix water to make a paste. Apply this paste to your neck’s skin and let it dry for thirty minutes. After this time wash it off with cold water.

These ingredients will help you a lot in making your skin lighter in just a few days.

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