Homemade Makeup and Skincare Tips for Teenagers

It is said that wearing makeup everyday can have very dangerous effects on your skin. Your skin might start to appear much older than it really is and also not look as appealing and attractive as it was years before immense usage of makeup. But in today’s world where everybody is looking to look more glamorous than anybody else walking around with no makeup is considered as walking around naked and out of question. It is for this reason that  many health conscious women have searched new ways of making makeup which do not have disastrous effects on your skin.

Homemade Makeup and Skincare Tips for Teenagers

Homemade Makeup and Skincare Tips for Teenagers

Microfiber products are great when it comes to using something natural for your skin. These microfiber products contain natural silver fibers in them which are anti-bacterial and can also be used to remove make up from your skin or just to rinse and purify your face from any contamination of pollution. This is considered to be a great option as you do not even need soap for this purpose.

If you are looking for more moisturization and deep cleansing for your skin there is an oil cleansing method which can work best for you. This oil deep cleansing method is in which you make use of a sugar scrub which comprises of half amount of sugar and half amount of oil which you can use for a much younger and fresher looking skin.

Homemade Makeup and Skincare Tip

Homemade Makeup and Skincare Tip

With the help of such skin care treatments you will eventually get younger looking skin. And soon you will not need any sort of make up and trust me many women who have treated their skin with these natural skin care treatments skip make up everyday.

For foundation you can make use of arrowroot powder and add coco powder to it and then add cinnamon to it, keep on adding till you get a shade which is similar to your skin tone. You can later apply with the help of a brush.

For things such as a bronzer or blush you can make use of coco powder or grind the hibiscus flower to get shades of pink. You can even use beet root as long as it grinds well.

You add up colors of coco powder, arrowroot and spirulina etc to be used as eye shadow. But be very careful while using such natural products near your eyes.Using natural products all the time will help you in getting younger and fresher looking skin all the time and might also help in healing scars or acne marks.

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    Homemade tips for skin are what I liked most.. These are Less time consuming and ingredients are easily available at home itself. I loved your post. Its really very helping> Keep Sharing!

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