Beauty Tips For Face Pimples Marks

Pimples and pigmentation are not something unusual and that is not happen to everyone and you have done something that this is happening to you, just relax and take a breath and try these things and see if you can help your skin issue of not, you need to be really calm and really relaxed, cause your stress can be a reason of making things worst and even more complicated, I know that removing acne scars are difficult and they take some time to get fed off, but they are not impossible or something that need lots of treatments, you just need to be calm and be patient and soon you will be able to get the results 🙂

Beauty Tips For Face Pimples Marks

Beauty Tips For Face Pimples Marks

These are some very simple and some very easy remedies for your Pimple Marks

Onion Juice: – this is a very good thing that you can do to get rid of acne scars; you just need to take one tablespoon of onion juice and apply that over your face for 15 minutes daily and after that wash it off with running water, you can apply that twice a day and it is good if you keep a routine to apply that juice as much as possible and this will help your scars and pimples too.
Honey Mask:- This is a very good idea to get rid of these scars, you just need to take a tablespoon worm hone and apply that over your face with your own hands an keep messaging in circulation and this will keep your scars go easily and it also keep your skin moisturized too.
Yogurt & Lime Mask: – Old yogurt is really very good for vanishing issues, if you think that you can use this mask easily then this is the best thing that you can do to get healthy looking skin cause the prosperities of yogurt and lime is best to fed scars off, mix one table spoon of lime with one tablespoon of yogurt and apply that over your face for 15 minutes 3 times a week and soon you will get beautiful shiny flawless skin and flowing face.


Mask For Old Scars :- Make a mask with coriander, Lodhra and Koot  and make a thick past with it an apply over your face for best results keep this on for one hour and get the result in one months and apply on the face.


If you don’t have time to spend hours in these masks then just keep one cup of old yogurt in your fridge and one pack of gram four in your bath room, just mix yogurt and gram flour in the morning and apply that over face and keep making your breakfast or whatever you doping and wash it of when you take a bath, but don’t forget the scrubbing it and soon you will see the results 🙂

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  1. James

    May 01. 2013

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    Hope this helps.

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