Arabic Wedding Dresses Collection 2014 Dubai Wedding Dresses

Arabians are fond of beautiful and expensive dresses, jewelry and Mehndi designs. In this article, we are going to discuss about Arabic Wedding Dresses 2014 Trends. If we talk about dresses then Arabians wear covered dresses. Women used to cover their head with scarf. These scarves designed with numerous stylish works and embroidery. Heavy and expensive work filled to cover the scarves. New Trends of Arabic Bridal wear consists if innovative designs of scarves and dresses.

Coming to the styles of dresses, Arabian wear lehenga, maxi, angrakha, frocks or many other styles but always used to cover their heads with scarves. The lehenga filled with stylish beautiful embroidery and beadwork. Let us discuss the styles dress wise.

Arabic Wedding Lehenga:-

Bridal Lehenga filled with embroidery work. Borders of the lehenga filled with heavy work with beautiful motif designs in the middle of the Lehenga. Long or short shirts both enhance the look of the dress. The necklines of these dresses filled with beautiful embroidery and beadwork.

Arabic Wedding Dresses 2014 with Hijab

Arabic Wedding Dresses 2014 with Hijab

Sleeves and borders of shirts embellished with stylish gold or copper thread work make the dress more attractive and eye catching.  Designers have evolved these dresses in a highly innovative style. Beautiful cut and folds make these dresses really elegant and perfect for a modern bride. All the dresses in the Arabic Wedding Dresses 2014 Trends are designed to make brides look more modern and adorable.

Arabic Wedding Angrakha:-

Angrakha is a type of dress which has a jacket like top which extends to the bottom till the ends of the inner simple shirt or frock. These are usually made with lighter see through fabric. This jacket is filled with beautiful and elegant heavy work. Innovative cuts and stylish high ends make this dress look really fashionable and stylish.

Arabic Wedding Dresses Collection 2014

Arabic Wedding Dresses Collection 2014

Scarves along with these dresses are also filled with same heavy work. The border of dupatta is filled with heavy embroidered work. All the dresses designed in the new collection are highly innovative and modern. Numerous colors have been used in this collection. These colors include red, black, brown, orange and many more.

Arabic Wedding Maxi:-

These are long frock type dresses which are filled with heavy expensive work. These dresses really give highly adorable look to the brides. These colors include white, green, maroon, red, purple and many more. However, all the dresses are embellished with beautiful and adorable heavy work that decorates brides in highly elegant style.

All the dresses are now available in the outlets of famous fashion designers. These dresses are comparatively expensive because of their outlook and the amount of work done on it. To see this collection visit the official facebook page of your favorite designers and get the necessary information. Below available is the gallery of pictures of these Arabic Wedding Dresses 2014 Trends, have a look.

Arabic Wedding Dresses 2014 with Hijab

Arabic Wedding Dresses Collection 2014

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