4 Homemade Facial Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Oily skin can be very irritating. It annoys most of us. It maybe because of the fact that makes our faces shine like anything and also because oil secreted on the face can be the cause of severe acne. Most of the people have oily skin make use of moisturizers which make their skin even more oily. Whenever you pick out a face moisturizer you must always look at the ingredients and if it has the tendency to increase the rate at which oil can be secreted.

You must change your moisturizer which tends to speed up the process of creating oil. You  even revert to the homemade moisturizers. Listed below are a few examples of some homemade moisturizers which can be great for your skin.

Homemade Facial Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Homemade Facial Moisturizer for Oily Skin

1.    Moisturizing Oil:

i.    Jojoba Oil
ii.    Neem Oil
iii.    Grapefruit Oil
You can mix these oils together and then apply it to your face. Now it may sound weird to you that I am suggesting you to apply oil to already oily skin. But these oils are great in combating the oil which already is on your skin and it reduces them dramatically.
The jojoba oils can be used for moisturizing your skin. The neem oil has inflammatory properties whereas the grapefruit oil has astringent properties in it.

2.    Avocado Moisturizer:

i.    1 tsp lemon juice
ii.    1 cup avocado oil
iii.    1 egg white
You can mix all these ingredients in a bowl. The lemon juice has properties which reduce the oil of the skin, the avocado oil prevents wrinkles from coming and prevents any sort of skin inflammation while the egg white can be used for making your skin glow.
Now when you mix these ingredients together you can apply them to your face for about 15 minutes. After that rinse your face with warm water, pat your face till it dries off. This would be great for skin. It would not only reduce the oil of your skin but would also make your skin glow.

3.    Lemon and Lavender Moisturizer:

i.    2 drops of lavender oil
ii.    2 drops of lemon oil
iii.    2 drops of glycerin
iv.    ½ cup of purified water
You can take these ingredients in the right amount and put them in a bottle. You need to place them in a bottle and refrigerate it till you use it. This mixture will make your skin glow, it will make you feel and will also stop oil from being secreted more and more.

4.    Aloe Vera Moisturizer:

i.    3 tsp of aloe vera gel
ii.    1 tsp of grape seed oil
you can use wheat or hazel nut oil if you are all out of grape seed oil. Mix these ingredients till the gel and the oil mix properly. Once they do place them in a bottle. You can use this mixture for moisturizing your body and the face both. You can apply it all over your face and body. it is great for moisturizing your skin and at the same time it reduces the oil secretion of your skin.

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