4 Beauty Benefits of Rosewater and Glycerin For Face

Glycerin and rosewater are considered as magic potions. They have been used by women of all ages for years and years as a great beauty product. Glycerin is a by product of soap and it is best known for its ability to restore the moisture content in hair and the skin. It is also used in many products of skin and hair. Rosewater on the other hand is a scented anti inflammatory material which has many antiseptic properties. These two products when combined together can be used to treat the skin and for providing care to the skin and hair.

Listed below are the properties of glycerin and rosewater when used by combining the two together.

1. Cleanser for Face:

You can make rosewater very easily at home by boiling the rose petals in water. If you do not want to make it by yourself you can purchase it from any local drugstore where they are easily available. You can find glycerin at any beauty product store very easily or at any health shop.

benefits of glycerin and rosewater for face

Benefits of glycerin and rosewater for face

You can make a great and effective facial wash by mixing the rosewater; about eight ounces of it with just two teaspoons of glycerin. When used together rosewater can your skin smooth and can also prevent any sort of irritation on skin. Glycerin and rosewater also balances the pH of your skin and it fights both dryness and oily skin.

2. Facial Toner:

You can make a great toner for face by mixing the facial cleanser which we talked about above with the witch hazel solution. The witch hazel solutions works for you as a great astringent. You can apply it on your face with cotton balls right after you cleanse your face but before you moisturize it. You must keep both these solutions in the refrigerator so that they do not get bad before use.

3. Aromatic Spritzer:

When you mix the pure rosewater with glycerin and put it in a spray bottle you can make a very effective, scented body spritzer. if you use it after getting exposed to the sun your skin will feel much better and much relaxed and at all irritated. The infection on your skin and any irritation caused can be treated and made better by using rosewater and glycerin as they both have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties in them.
Apart from being great for skin rosewater alone without the addition of glycerin can be used a great air freshener and for cleaning the bed linen.

4. Considerations that are a Must to know:

You must keep a few things about rosewater and glycerin in mind before you apply the two to your face. Many people are allergic to glycerin. Glycerin can cause irritation and redness of skin. So it is necessary for one to first carry out a patch test on any conspicuous part of your body so that you get to know if your skin is sensitive to glycerin or not. If no redness and nothing is caused you can apply it to your face skin.

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