3 Most Beautiful Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

Brown is a mixture of all primary colors. So, there are lots of options which you can wear for your brown eyes. If you think that brown eyes are boring then you are wrong. Brown eyes actually the most versatile eye color to enhance beauty and make up. It is true that brown eye color easily goes with the leading variety of colors and unique beautiful shades. The question is how you can get most flattering makeup colors for your brown eyes. The best idea is to spark the eye area in a subtle way.

Work with suitable colors to enhance brown eyes and look great. Many unique shades are available for brown eyes which can enhance the brown eyes perfectly like chocolate shade, vibrant brown shade, golden shade, honey brown shade can easily make your brown eyes pop.

Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes

The first thing you need to consider is the rule makeup ideas for brown eyes which will guide you in good way and give help you to highlight your eye beauty. So keep in mind that light colors bring out and highlight and dark colors minimize or contour. Do makeup with this mind and work with suitable eye shadow colors to enhance your brown eyes. Finish your makeup with lightly flushed cheeks and make your lips berry stain and make them your signature. We know that brown is a mixture of primary colors so it does not clash with any other color.

Brown eyed beauties are definitely lucky because brown colored eyes are best when it comes to wear makeup colors perfectly. Brown eyed beauties are very lucky because they can use numerous color combinations. It is true that best and suitable colors bring out most stunning look and give a sexy alluring look. These beauties have opportunity to try different colors. Dark colors look great on brown eyes. Purple, blue gray, violet, plum and brown shades look great on brown eyes. Gold and bronze are considered as metallic implications often enhance the beauty of eye color.

In this article we will try to give you the best idea about such combinations of makeup ideas 2015 for brown eyes. The specific shades and combinations can work best for you and make your look stunningly gorgeous.

Smokey Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Smokey makeup for brown eyes us really very perfect and beautiful to highlight the brown color of eyes. This is best to use eye makeup in flattering warm tones like honey gold, chocolate and caramel. These color help to enhance the warm of brown eyes. With the smoeky makeup, don’t forget to apply thick eye liner and mascara carefully to look beautiful.

Cool Toned Eye Makeup

Cool Toned Eye Makeup

Warm up a cool toned eye shadow with a copper shadow on the upper lids. It will enhance your eye beauty with brown color and shimmer will add the stunning texture. If you have brown eyes and black hair then try cool toned eye makeup like copper, gray, silver and shimmery texture. These textures will help you to lighten up your brown eyes.

Gold Color Eye Makeup

Gold Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes will really be enhanced by gold colors. It is the most versatile to apply. Warm metallic color can simply put the more beauty to make brown eyes sparkle. Gold color creates slight but eye catching look.

Discover these secrets and try out the above mentioned 3 Most Flattering Makeup Colors for Brown Eyes and see thee all colors will work best and make your brown eyes actually glow.

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