3 Common Skin Problems in Winter

Chilly weather, freezing temperature, low humidity and dry air makes your skin itchy, dry and red. These are common skin problems in Winter. All skin problems can be easily treated at home if these are mild but in severe cases, you need medical help.

Common Skin Problems in Winter

Three common skin problems in winter are discussed here:


This is another skin problem in Winter that causes swelling in tiny blood vessels, making them more visible and giving face a reddish glow. There are pimply bumps too that are like acne that appear on the cheeks and nose. Your skin is more susceptible to rosacea especially if you have light skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

This can be really painful and annoying making your face become awfully red. You avoid attending any social gatherings and events because you feel embarrassed and your self-esteem is low.

Dry Hands

A common skin problem is dryness in the hands. Itchy and cracked spots all over the back side of the hands is frequent. Eczema is condition of the skin that affects people having allergies as well as asthma. Adults have a kind of eczema that is known as dermatitis. This condition get worse with humidity level and temperature dropping down. The condition makes hand feel like sand paper making them really rough and scaly.

Hands are mostly exposed during winter and not many people wear gloves when going outdoor. They are exposed to the dry chilly air all the time. Besides, you wash them several times a day using tap water that is often cold. The other trigger can be hand washes and soaps that dry out the skin because of certain ingredients found in them. If you don’t take enough water, the dryness can become even more making it a serious skin concern.


Red patches all over these skin with silver scales is a common skin problem in winter. According to an estimate, 7.5 million people in US suffer from psoriasis. This is an inherited autoimmune disorder that causes dry and itchy patches on various body parts. Most affected body areas are usually knees, elbows, scalp and lower back. The patches can be painful at times. This disease goes deep into the skin. People having psoriasis have at least 24 percent more chances of having a heart attack because there is artery clogging inflammation that is brought by over-reactive immune system of the body.

When winter arrives, begin using moisturizer and consume enough water daily.

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