10 Most Effective Lip Balms For Dry, Chapped and Dark Lips

Dry lips is a common concern in winters because cold air rips moisture off making them itchy and irritated. It can get worse if not treated on time. You need to know what type of balm you require depending upon the severity of dryness. If its slightly chapped a normal beeswax balm will do but for intensely dry you need to find out something that deeply moisturizes by penetrating into cells.

1. Best tinted balm

Get your glam lips with colored balm to moisturize them deeply and make them softer. The balm shouldn’t necessarily be clear but it can have any tint like cherry pink, plum, red, peach, lavender or any other. The semi-sheer effect looks fabulous and serves both purposes like hydrating the lips and making them prominent. You can also choose a tinted balm that matches your outfit color scheme.

Best tinted balm

2. Natural balm

Balms that contain chemicals can cause further dryness to the lips making them itchy and chapped. This balm contains natural products like cocoa seed, butter and beeswax that heal the lips by fully coating it. Blueberries and dark chocolate are high in anti-oxidants. It protects them against dryness and irritation.

3. Flavorless balm

Its really nice to use tempting flavors like kiwi fruit, blue berry, cherry, strawberry, green apple, peach and so on. Bubble gum and mint flavor are also common because they give nice taste into mouth. Most lip balms make you feel icky. This one is free from sweet flavors. Its smoothly glides to give instant softness to your lips. Use it daily every morning and evening for better results.

4. Best bronzy shimmer

For a perfect summer glow, use this balm. It will give nice shimmery effect because its made with honey that adds glaze to the skin. Choose this balm if you are heading to the party, birthday, formal event or prom-night. It will perk up the lips making them softer.

Best bronzy shimmer

5.Best intensive care

For severely chapped and painful lips, there should be an above-average balm that deeply moisturizes the lips making them soft and rosy. It works as a gloss because its a bit sticky after you apply it. Coat it at night and let it stay till morning to have soft and smooth lips.

6.Refreshing balm

There is fruity and minty fragrance in many lip balm but this one is the combination of both. The peppermint oil gives tingly effect to the lips. Coconut oil and shea butter contains lots of moisture to deeply hydrate lips. Use it frequently all day and night for best results.

7.Non-sticky gloss

For great finish, this glossy balm is the first choice because it gives nice shine and is not so sticky. It has pretty subtle color into it. Aloe vera soothes chapped lips and refreshes them.

Non-sticky gloss

8.Purse-friendly balm

Why not pack your weekend sleepover and throw your balm into it. The metal packing in vintage style is sleek. It also helps let lip balm stay in perfect form.Best long-lasting moisturizer

9. Best long-lasting moisturizer

For enhanced staying power of the lip balm, this one is an ideal choice. Olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter are the moisturizing ingredients.

Best long-lasting

10.Cool packaging

These nice looking tubes are not much-required element for any good lip balm but these are awesome to get rid of dry lips. Use daily for great softness.

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